Alaska's Largest Music Store

What’s New?


Our massive and unparalleled inventory is now back under one roof at our store downtown (500 E. 5th Ave, 99501).  So if you are looking for anything at all don’t hesitate to call or stop by.  In addition to consolidating our inventory, we are also receiving new product weekly.


Late yesterday we received a new shipment of Shure product! We are now more than fully stocked on Shure PG series handheld and lavalier systems which.  The PG series wireless offers exceptional sound quality and reception.  We also received Shure SRH440 and 840 headphones.


This week we received tons (literally, trust me!) of Boss/Roland, Electro-Voice and more.

From EV we received a hefty load of Live X products which, if you haven’t heard them, are killer.

Check out the product line at:

From Boss/Roland we are now in full command of a slew of new keyboards, guitar pedals, computer interfaces and more.  It’s almost overwhelming.  To get a better idea of what they are currently offering, check out:

So, if you are in the market for some cool new sounds or hot new speakers, come see us as we love to share and take a break from actual work by plugging stuff in for you.  Actually, even if you are not in the market for the stuff you should stop by.  I mean, really, half the time you think we are helping you we are actually helping ourselves to taking a break from the more mundane aspects of the job.  So my dear customers, your visits are win/win.  You get to check out new stuff, and we get to plug in awesome pedals and massively loud speakers…which reminds me, if you stop by and I’m not there, be sure to have my co-workers blast Rihanna or Lady Gaga for you, it makes their day!


– Christopher Myers


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